The Ultimate Home Maintenance Guide

Here’s a comprehensive home maintenance checklist that can help you stay on top of repairs every year.

Monthly Home Maintenance and Repairs

There are lots of home repairs and maintenance chores that need to be done monthly. Staying on top of the following will help you save money in the long run:

  • Clean your range hood filter
  • Refill salt in the water softener as needed
  • Snake sink, tub and shower drains to unclog them
  • Test fire extinguishers, GFCI outlets, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Check indoor and outdoor air vents and clear them of blockages and debris
  • Clean your shower heads and faucet aerators
  • Vacuum heat vents and registers
  • Clean the garbage disposal with ice, orange peels, and degreasing dish soap
  • Clean your dishwasher
  • Clean your refrigerator


Seasonal Home Maintenance Chores for Spring

  • Clean your window and door screens
  • Inspect and repair weather stripping and caulking around windows and doors
  • Clean the gutters
  • Inspect the roof for damaged, loose or missing shingles
  • Power wash your siding
  • Wash your windows inside and out
  • Refinish your deck
  • Inspect and repair shower, bath and sink caulking
  • Polish your wood furniture
  • Dust your light fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Vacuum out your dryer vent
  • Inspect your outdoor faucets and sprinkler heads, and repair them as needed
  • Have your A/C serviced
  • Fertilize your lawn
  • Flush your water heater
  • Have your septic tank inspected and pumped, if necessary
  • Clean your A/C filters
  • Replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors


Seasonal Home Maintenance Chores for Summer

  • Clean your dryer vent and washing machine hoses
  • Oil your garage door
  • Check for leaks in the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Repair leaking faucets, shower heads and running toilets
  • Clean your refrigerator drip trays and vacuum the condenser coils
  • Inspect tile grout in your bathrooms and seal it as necessary
  • Prune your shrubs and trees
  • Keep your lawn tidy


Seasonal Home Maintenance Chores for Fall

  • Aerate the lawn
  • Clear your leaves
  • Have your furnace serviced early in the season
  • Have your fireplace inspected and cleaned
  • Inspect the caulking and weatherstripping around your home’s windows and doors, and repair it as needed
  • Install your storm windows
  • Repair exterior siding and paint trim as needed
  • Clean your gutters again
  • Inspect your roof again
  • Drain and winterize sprinkler systems, outdoor spigots, pools and other outdoor plumbing
  • Repair cracks in your sidewalks and driveway
  • Power wash your home’s exterior
  • Repair or replace failing home appliances before the holidays
  • Replace the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Clean your dryer vent again
  • Wash your window and door screens
  • Check for water heater leaks
  • Insulate outdoor pipes and faucets
  • Inspect and repair loose or faulty door hardware
  • Clean your carpets


Seasonal Home Maintenance Chores for Winter

But freezing temperatures and winter storms can really do a number on your home. Help avoid problems by:

  • Covering your A/C condenser unit
  • Inspecting your roof, downspouts and gutters after storms and repairing any damage
  • Monitoring your gutters for ice dam formation
  • Checking the basement for leaks during thaws
  • Snaking tub, sink and shower drains to unclog them
  • Vacuuming dust and debris from your bathroom exhaust fans
  • Cleaning your refrigerator drip trays and vacuuming the condenser coils
  • Keeping your driveway, sidewalks and stairs clear of snow and ice

Maintaining a house is a lot of work, but with this ultimate home maintenance checklist, you can keep track of everything and keep your house just the way you like it year after year.


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